Cultural cross-purposes, misunderstandings, the deconstruction of high-brow cultural standards by confronting them to pidgin english, petit-nègre, my own poor literary qualities as those of other  poor english and french- speakers and their linguistical comprehension are the main focus of my work.

But I must admit  that the contradictions, the repressed resentments of political correct "antiracists" and the deep-rooted conviction of racial superiority shared by german femistis as well as misogynistic chauvinists which  I encountered during this project, really touched me.



In this mockumentary film  where fiction and documentary elements interfere, where interviews follow rehearsals and "acting in front of a camera" is seriously  taken by the participants who try hard to express what they REALLY think -

The fictional adaptation of Friedrich Schillers "Love and intrigue" - the german theatre play devoted to a national moral institution, serves  as a playfull entry for the participants to start a fictional interpretation of the world -


and the broadcasting studio of Telesud, France serves as an admission ticket to documentary statements and the so often reality where fiction ends....


Nataly Ritzel

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